Tracy Holloway

Bring in the Light

Sunday, 6th November 2022
10am to 6pm
Fully booked

Spacious indoor venue:
Mounton Brook Lodge, Chepstow, UK

Price: £75  (concessions available on request)

Bring In The Light Bring In The Light with Tracy Holloway Bring In The Light
Bring In The Light

Experience an uplifting day of Light-energy transmission

A transformational, light-fuelled day to raise your vibration, expand your energy body and bring you into sacred union with All.

This day will be potent, like nothing you’ve experienced before. You are invited into this temporary temple of light where you will receive blessings, activations and attunements to fast track your awakening journey.

Come and elevate your sensory system to a more highly attuned level. Be supported to harness the depth of power, wisdom and wonder within you, clearing the way forward for you to rise – releasing resistant patterns and programs which distort perceptions and limit your creation of reality.

Bring In The Light with Tracy Holloway

An experiential journey to:

  • Unlock deeply held wisdom, and anchor it for both personal and planetary evolution.
  • Sense into invisible worlds and call upon helpers to support your sacred journey.
  • Receive energetic transmissions – to heal old wounds, clear karmic patterns and recode genetic programs & inherited limiting beliefs.
  • Step into sacred service; consciously create a healthier world for yourself and for the children who will inherit the Earth.
  • Connect to the seers, mystics, healers, wisdom keepers and Earth-keepers from the past, and the future – and learn from them.
  • Reclaim lost power; be a light in the dark – burn bright without burning out.
Bring In The Light


  • Light-language transmissions / blessings.
  • Coded light activations / upgrades.
  • Sensory system attunements.
  • And much more, too potent and magical for words.

An inspiring and experiential day; rich in wisdom to help you gain much personal insight that will empower you to navigate darker times more gracefully – and bring in the Light.

This day will support you to embody a new way of being as you awaken to your true luminous nature and shine your own beautiful and unique light.


Sunday, 6th November 2022 Fully booked


Mounton Brook Lodge
NP16 6LF

Spacious indoor venue with large carpark, easily accessible, two miles from the M48/M4 at Chepstow.

There is various accommodation available in the area, if required. An inexpensive option is the Travelodge Bristol Severn View, which is 10 minutes drive away from the venue.

Lunch & Refreshments

To help keep things simple for everyone, please bring your own packed lunch.

Other refreshments: teas, coffees, biscuits, cakes, fruit will be provided.