Tracy Holloway

Awakening 2020 - Glastonbury Gateway - Itinerary

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Day 1: Tuesday, 19th May

  • Opening ceremony.
  • Planetary Ascension and your personal journey.
  • Portal activations and the Light-Grid.
  • Why are we here?
  • Finding your place and feeling aligned.
  • Earth – Grid activation ‘Dragon’s Land’.

Day 2: Wednesday, 20th May

  • Shaking and awakening - fascia release.
  • Your Calling / Sacred work.
  • Authentic you / authentic living – ‘a quest into truth’.
  • Shifting from the old paradigm; beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, behaviours and how to move on.
  • Sound Healing.

Day 3: Thursday, 21st May

  • Reclaiming true power / Retrieving lost power / Power struggles / How you give your power away / fear of humiliation / degradation / collective shame and much more.
  • Why we hide our true power and why this must stop now.
  • Discovering your sacred gifts and being comfortable with what they are.
  • Activating intuitive power; your inner guidance, wisdom renewal, learning to trust.
  • Awakening the True Power and purpose of your Magnificent-self.
  • Preparations for tomorrow’s New Moon ceremony at Glastonbury Tor.
  • Fire Ceremony – Fires of Transformation.

Day 4: Friday, 22nd May

  • New Moon ceremony at Glastonbury Tor.
  • Communication networks of the higher realms.
  • Setting clear intentions.
  • Being a clear vessel.
  • Gateway activations.
  • Meditation / preparation / attunements.
  • Plugging into the New Earth Grid for potent sacred work.

Day 5: Saturday, 23rd May

  • Awakening and grounding the Light Within.
  • Light Beings – grace and presence.
  • Harnessing the power of your Cosmic-self.
  • Alighning All as One.
  • Specific coded information for You.
  • Cacao ceremony / Ecstatic Dance – ‘Awaken the true power and intuitive wisdom of your sacred-self’.

Day 6: Sunday, 24th May

  • A day of kindness and compassion for YOU.
  • Space just ‘to Be’.
  • Hot tub / spa.
  • Walking/resting/sleeping.
  • Nurturing self/being nurtured.
  • Caring for your beautiful self on this sacred journey.
  • Gentle and purposeful integration of the week so far - giving space for cellular upgrades.

Day 7: Monday, 25th May

  • Grounding /rooting in and attuning yourself to the New Earth’s guidance.
  • Heart centre living and how to call back fragmented parts from other dimensions/parallel worlds/distant stars and those lost/forgotten/hidden/paralysed by fear or unworthy of forgiveness.
  • Making Earth your home – meeting unmet needs.
  • Sacred Union – a call to honour all as One.
  • Learning to listen to the wisdom of the land - especially the trees and the waters.
  • Visit ancient Yew tree – May flower offerings and powerful grounding of New Moon intentions.
  • Earth -Grid ceremony. Upgrading your physical vessel and increasing health and vitality.

Day 8: Tuesday, 26th May

  • The power of the awakening journey.
  • Your integration process, transitions between worlds, and how to continue this work.
  • Thriving through changing and challenging times.
  • Coming down to Earth with grace.
  • Closing ceremony.
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