Tracy Holloway

Awakening 2017

Awakening 2017

Saturday 11th February 2017
10am – 5:30pm
in Almondsbury, Bristol, UK

Price: £75
(price includes lunch)

UPDATE: This event is now fully booked.

Join us for the first Life Upgrade event of the year which will be utilising the powerful energies of the penumbral lunar eclipse at this Full Moon time. A perfect day for aligning with the Awakening energies of 2017.

Bringing you all the latest insights, activations and Upgrades; this special day will assist you to tap deeply into who you are and the unique magic you bring. Fast track your personal development by attuning to the powerful energies of planetary ascension and be a conscious part of the solution for creating a New Earth.

The energy transmission of this potent day will support your evolutionary process as you attune ever more deeply to the innate power and wisdom you hold. A supportive and heart-centred space will help you anchor a deep sense of purpose as you accept your new life, and help shape a new world.

The current challenges on both a personal and planetary level create a desire for meaningful change and this will assist you to reshape your inner-landscape and rebuild a new, stronger and more sustainable foundation.

This new foundation has its strong roots weaving deeply through a New Earth grid of Light and works harmoniously as one with our planet, and in relationship with all sentient beings. All is One, and the connections made now are deep and lasting and will support humanity to reach new heights that were unimaginable from our previous limited perspective.

Receive the activations and coded information to root in to this new grid system and fast track your physical transformation as an Awakening Pioneer birthing the Light of a New Earth.

Spaces are limited, so please book your place now.  


Saturday 11th February 2017  10am – 5:30pm

Starting at 10am sharp.


Court Farm, Almondsbury, Bristol, UK
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If you have some distance to travel, accommodation for the Friday night is available. For further details, please contact