Tracy Holloway

Avebury StarGate Activation


Sunday 2nd April 2017  10am – 5pm
at The National Trust Heritage Centre, Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

Early bird price: £75 – available until 5th Mar
Full price: £95

UPDATE: This event is now fully booked.

A special one day event held at the very powerful stone site of Avebury.

Potent and transformative energies will be harnessed on this day – guiding you to open your heart as a conduit for New Earth.

Journey through this sacred landscape in a ceremonial celebration of Light. You are the Light. Reveal a deeper awareness of why you are called to this place at this particular time.

This magical journey will be a unique experience, and one which could change your life forever as you ground these potent energies and work with the insights you receive.

Drop into the gentle guidance of your own sacred heart and you will be intuitively guided to know what to do and how to be – and all will come naturally. You will take your place, plug into the matrix of Light and an activation of the stones will bring a harmonious resonance to you as a multidimensional voyager, Lightworker, Gridworker, Bridgebuilder and Ascension pioneer.

This day will be an opportunity to be with others who are ready to take life to a whole new exciting level. You will attune as a vessel through which this specific StarGate is activated and the information will be encoded within you. You will then take this new, upgraded information with you wherever you go – reaching others, and further activating places across the planet.

At a time of change, the Light grid is an essential communication platform and so being attuned to it, and learning how to utilise it is a necessary part of the evolving intelligence of our human psyche.

A supercharged day of Light energy transmission, activation, attunement and sacred celebration. A powerful boost to your personal transformation, and a poignant moment within our global awakening. This grounding, fulfilling and consciousness expanding experience is one you will treasure forever.

Seeds are ready to be planted in the Earth; the potent mix of this day will ensure that yours not only germinate, but will thrive in a climate of uncertainty.


Sunday 2nd April 2017  10am – 5pm


The National Trust Heritage Centre
Study Room

Park in the main National Trust car park (postcode SN8 1RD in Sat Nav). Parking is £4. From the car park follow signs to Heritage Centre - we are in the Study Centre which is behind the barn, next to the toilets.

You are welcome to use the Life Upgrade forum to discuss and arrange lift sharing etc.

Frequent buses pass nearby, more information can be found at:

Download a map and further information


Bring yourself a packed lunch. Tea and coffee making will be available.

We will be both indoors and out on the land, so please dress appropriately.