Tracy Holloway

New Moon Meditation - Gemini

Journey within and be magically transported to work with the potent energies of each New Moon through these beautiful Ceremony/Meditations. Listen on the New Moon - then should you wish to, listen again and again to benefit further from your insights until the Full Moon.

New Moon Meditation - Gemini

If you were to take a mirror and see yourself in a true light, what would you see? Is there something you would tell yourself, some advice you would give? And how would you receive those words?

Before looking to anyone else, first look to yourself. Reflect deeply in order to know all that you can about your viewpoint - perhaps challenge any limiting perceptions you have. Befriend the You in the mirror, and learn how best to communicate so that a positive relationship can be built.

Make any adjustments required to bring yourself into alignment with a greater guiding wisdom and intelligence, especially before attempting to influence the lives of others. Reflect, adjust and then connect with your community - perhaps offer your services; a helping hand or friendship and support. Building connections with those of a like-mind or those with differing views can all help you explore the possibilities now offered.

Write about what you have to offer; whether creative or practical. Note what new skills you would like to learn, or training you now require.

Use the power of this new Moon to set the intention of expressing your true essence.

In collaboration with Astrocal Moon Diaries.