Tracy Holloway

Calling all the Witches

Calling all the Witches

A powerful and transformational online Sacred Ceremony (approx 2 hours).

Invitation (video)
With Light Language.
Access here:

Part 1 (video)
Introduction & Light Language Blessing.
You can light a candle and set your intention now.
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Part 2 (audio)
Enter into sacred circle.
Receive deepening activation.
Meditation/inner quest/discover lost power.
This can be done sitting up, or moving around.
Access via the audio player below (free registration required)

Part 3 (audio)
Drop deeper into ceremony.
Breath of fire.
Shake process.
Sacred Movement/authentic dance.
Lay down – let go.
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Part 4 (video)
Grounding/integration Light Language blessing.
We recommend you watch this after at least 1 sleep cycle.
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Enter into the circle of light and receive specific light-coded activations and supporting energetic transmission to help guide this powerful process.

Move your body through meditation, music and breath. Release yourself from issues of powerlessness, historic trauma, persecution, curses, spells, enchantments. Reclaim your true innate wisdom and power.

Shadow Work Ceremony Part 2 - Meditation
Shadow Work Ceremony Part 3 - Shake & Dance