Tea With Tracy – Star Children

Many interesting conversations happen in our kitchen, and we often wish you were here with us, relaxing with a cup of tea – and so now you can be ….

Eva Fernandes talks with Tracy about Star Children. As the consciousness of humanity shifts we can become more aware of the role of Star Children and learn how best to support them on their mission.

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  1. sara says:

    Tracy,you were describing my 17 year old and 19 year old sons! One has always known amazing facts about animals and marine life and he has really been fed intellectually! Ask him a question he answers and doesn’t know how he knows. Also he spots a mile off if I am not being totally truthful, and feels upset by people not loving or being honest he has always been like this…he finds life and most folk at odds with him and this explains so much, thank you what a gift, he does feel lonely but oFf to Costa Rica on an animal conservation programme to walk his true path xxx

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