Rise Today

The time has come to rise, and be who you came here to be;
to be authentic, stand tall and finally set yourself free.
Feel proud of yourself and who you are – proud of all that you’ve achieved so far.

There really is no limit to what is possible, as the rising planetary energies are here to support you to be the change which is now required; to live in tune with a higher perspective, a greater purpose and assist in the creation of something far greater here on Earth.

You can remain in an unconscious passive state should you wish to. You can choose to look the other way if you want to – but if you do decide to ride this powerful wave of transformation then you will be rewarded beyond anything you can currently imagine.

The choice is yours.

Work Together

The tides of change are ebbing and flowing, releasing and freeing humanity from all that has been programmed through hatred, fear and greed.

The very structures of reality are being shaken, and so ride the tide of true liberation – and be a part of a new and conscious collective creation.

The time has come to assist our beloved planet and work together in whatever way we can to secure a more positive future for humanity here on Earth. The choices you make and the change you implement could go on to influence future generations.

As the layers of disillusionment, distrust and dis-ease fall away, a new brighter, lighter, healthier you is revealed.

Set Yourself Free

You can make a difference just by being you and living with integrity and humility. Acknowledge the past, accept what has been and forgive anyone who you hold a grudge against, or who has betrayed you, let you down, or you feel anger towards – especially if that person is yourself.

It is up to you to set yourself free. Acceptance is the key. Forgive everyone, including yourself. You deserve to feel at peace, and for that peace to last.

Rise in awareness, and keep rising – join with others who are rising too. Ask yourself the questions that will motivate, inspire and get you into alignment with a greater collective vision for humanity.

But how will you rise?

Step up and show your true-self and live to your fullest potential.
Be a conscious, authentic, heart-centered human being.
Create the space you need for transformation.
Clear the clutter, and keep clearing.
Ground the dreams and visions you have for yourself and your life.
Raise your consciousness, become more aware, wake up – care.

What is the vision?
What are your dreams?
What does your heart long for?

Let your vision be a true vision, a heart sharing – a blissful encounter with the truth of who you are as you come further into Being. Your heart will show you the way.

Create a positive vision for humanity, one you would be willing to share, which supports all to live as one – supporting a harmonious existence with our beloved planet.


It is now that you must take action and step forever into purposeful living – without excuses, without fear and apprehension but instead with courage and conviction.

You will need to be strong and rise today – and keep rising.

Feel a deeper inner wisdom calling, guiding you to be conscious of the consequences you invite through the decisions you make – and supporting you to create a new, more authentic life.

The time is now. Step forward without first looking back, without seeking approval from others, or needing to have a safety net in place first.

Make your move today, choose to rise – and if not now, then when?

For daily inspiration and support on how to keep rising through challenging times, listen to these free 5 minute audio nuggets:


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11 Responses to Rise Today

  1. Lee says:

    I allow this in my life NOW 🙂👍🏼The fire of burning bridges behind us lights the way ahead of us 🔥

  2. JKS says:

    Ah yes – to take courage to move forward without a safety net.
    I still have the feeling I want to step forward WITH others.
    Self confidence to step forward without seeking approval still holds me – the desire not to upset others – the desire to belong. Am I lacking a current vision? Am I seeking MY vision or OUR vision?

  3. Zoe Basil says:

    Such truth rising from these words as effortlessly as the fear that burns away beneath them. I’m so thankful for the daily wake-up calls too – thank you for the magic Tracy, you are a gift xx

  4. Paola says:

    how beautiful, thank you beautiful angel Tracy, much love to you xxx

  5. Auorora says:

    I feel once again divine timing playing out to receive your divine nuggets that are so gratefully received ,a sacred tonic to start my day in focus and remind myself of how far I have come,over the past 5 years especially since last March at Stonehenge with you and your beautiful tribe,I thank you from my heart for sharing your inner and outer beauty with this new earth and choosing to dedicate, share and support us all in this way,
    my heart to yours
    Aurora,rising new Dawn xxx

    In Love appreciation and gratitude

  6. Rhona Stagg says:

    Thank you for your inspirational words Tracy. Listening to you I feel motivated to join with you all and head towards this Golden future. These wake-up calls truly serve a purpose.

  7. Paul says:

    Thank you Tracy for the daily wake up calls. It is wonderful to get the support and ‘nudges’ to take action and to do, and keep doing, the work.
    I am reading a little book I rediscovered when sorting out stuff. Last night I read:
    “You could be as kings, ruling supreme over all negative conditions in your lives; but too often you succumb to the negative forces instead of releasing, with your own master key, the power and light stored within you to combat these forces. The only way to make use of this key is by constant and continuous practice of awareness of the presence of this glorious light within you and around you.”
    So here is to the wide awake vigilance of the gentle observer within us to help us let go of the clutter and rubbish and make a clear space for the light to come in and go out.
    “Love, like power, must be poised:it must be steady; it must in a sense be impersonal. You may think that impersonal love is cold, but this is not so. Impersonal love is pure without condemnation; it is all-embracing, all-enfolding, all tenderness.”

  8. Ann says:

    Thank you,Tracy, for these daily doses of encouragement! I feel connected to this purpose even though I don’t fully understand or know why. It just feels right. There is no other way but up :)! Happy to be a part of these exciting times. Many blessings to everyone! Love, Ann

  9. Jocelyne says:

    Thanks Tracy for your sharing and the daily nuggets, each day giving me an expected support to find my own answers !

  10. Linda says:

    Thank you so much Tracy for your gentle but powerful words of wisdom, they totally resonate with me. Your daily wake up calls are golden nuggets of wisdom. You truly are a beautiful Soul. Love and Blessings xxx

  11. Sylvia says:

    Hi Tracy. I just wanted to say a huge Thank You for all of your broadcasts especially the Wake Up Calls. What a difference they make to my daily life and how well they support the search for the me of me! I feel truly blessed to be able to tune in daily. I am still on the first set, because I have listened to them over and over. During this period, I have, many times, felt that I wanted to write to thank you, but for some reason the words did not come. But that was OK too. Now I have the second set to look forward to and the time seems right to email my heartfelt thanks. The work you do is beyond price and those of us who have the privilege of listening to your broadcasts are truly, truly blessed. Thank you. xxx

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