Healing Birth

Time to Release

Gardians of the Children of The LightLife Upgrade broadcasts offer emotional and spiritual guidance and support to parents, carers and children through the unique energy transmission of the ‘Guardians of the Children of the Light’.

I will be presenting a series of global online events, all free to attend, with the specific intention of shifting the current paradigm of birth, parenting and education.  Attending will connect you with other like-minded, conscious people who wish to make a difference.  Each broadcast will offer insights as well as meditative processes to target specific areas.

The first of these focuses on one of my favourite subjects, birth trauma – it is clear to me that if someone wants to shift the patterns in their life, then reprogramming their birth template is essential.  Also, if as a mother you were disempowered, or traumatised when giving birth, your confidence as a parent could take a severe knock.  Your true power as a woman could be seriously diminished.  It’s time to take back your power, heal and move forward now.

When fear overrides love it is only natural that trust issues arise.  When love replaces fear then a renewed sense of trusting self, life, and others ensues.

Whether you have issues from being born, giving birth, or you would just like to help hold a crystal clear space of support for others to heal, then these broadcasts are for you.  Everyone is welcome, as we are all part of this shift.

Sunday 20th January 2013 at 8pm (UK time)

For more info, and to register your place:

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  1. Rebekka Specht says:

    Thank you so much – to you, to your guidance, to all participants, to life itself. This re-birth in light was just what I needed right now. … Rebekka

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