Feel Like You’re Going Backwards?

The ebb and flow of life can sometimes leave you feeling neither here nor there. The  desire to move forward in a more positive way brings with it the responsibility of having to make certain changes.  Though change is necessary and in some ways inevitable, it can feel challenging. You may feel as though you are taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Rather than seeing this in a negative way, and fearing that you are falling back into old habits, patterns and dramas, you can actually shift your perception and use this as the jet propulsion required to launch yourself forward successfully.

Blue surrenderLike a human catapult, you feel the pull backwards – it can feel stressful, tense and you may believe you are going in the wrong direction.  But a catapult must be pulled back, if it is to be launched forward successfully. The power of the launch is in the increased pressure that comes from drawing it back fully.

Keep your focus.
What is your target/goal?
Do you have it clearly in your sight?

Feel the backwards pull and trust that a great momentum is building, ready to propel you forward with great gusto – focus your aim, let go and trust.

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6 Responses to Feel Like You’re Going Backwards?

  1. Fiona Frank says:

    Thankyou dear Tracy! Holding on!!!…… and……………………………………….

    releasssssssse! xxxxx

  2. Julia says:

    Thanks for that thought Tracy

  3. Richard Balderson says:

    How true your words are, sometimes we just never realise that this happens, its only when you let go of the bagage that you leap and leap into action from a darker place where you had to go to see the light.
    Good message and thank you Catherine Johnson for the forward message to me.

    Kind regards


  4. Michelle says:

    Thankyou Tracy…that mskes so much sense to how Im feeling right now. Time to let my self off the hook and into the catapult x

  5. Carol Cripps says:

    You describe how I am feeling at the moment; as Michelle said time to let myself off the hook. x x

  6. DAWN LAWRENCE says:

    Wow Tracy I had a reading recently with a trans medium who shared my life to be exactly as you are,2 steps forward 1 step back then I receive a download to inspire my journey on how to take its next step, Yayyy thank you xx

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