Guiding Heart

Your heart may be signalling to you to take time to rest and recharge yourself, so that you can reach a state of optimum wellbeing and thrive.

The sacred heart will teach you how to rest, if you allow. And will gift you so much when you learn to think less and instead listen to the wisdom within.

Though it is true that your mind is amazing, be mindful of how you use it – it should not be your teacher, but more your loyal servant. The mind is like a computer, a tool which should work for you. You can learn anything you wish, should you put your mind to it. The mind likes to be busy and will keep you busy thinking about all kinds of things – sometimes too busy.

But your heart is ever present; a guiding Light of transformational intelligence – way beyond what is currently really understood. The heart’s energy is so super-intelligent it can connect everyone across the planet and in this synchronised state great work can be done.

The heart’s magnificent power and intelligence can support you through the most incredible awaking process – should you take time to attune to its guiding Light.

Shared Gift

The heart’s bountiful love is a great gift to humanity at this time and true heart sharing is helpful, and healing. Let your heart gently open and learn to accept, forgive and show true compassion in your every day interactions with others wherever and whomever they are. Your heart’s love and guiding wisdom can support your journey of personal transformation, and is showing us what we need to do as human beings to evolve.

The awakening process is simply the evolution of humanity to allow its magnificent heart intelligence to unify throughout the cosmos and across the globe, and in doing so a coherent rhythm will be held and everything we understand about ourselves within this great cosmos will begin to shift forever – and we will indeed know that we are not alone.


As your heart opens, it will guide you to know yourself fully, and love yourself completely. It is this totality which must be experienced so that full integration occurs and any fragmentation is addressed.

A gentle but profound integration of your beautiful-self will take place as you open to deeper self-love, nurture vulnerability and say Yes to the You of YOU. Take time to process these fundamental shifts in self-awareness and self-care as it is the quality of what you achieve now which is important, not the quantity.


This is a new phase, and so be conscious of attuning to your heart’s true wisdom with love and humility. Thinking you already know everything will not serve you. Neither will rushing to be the first to finish – especially if you want to be the winner, or want someone to acknowledge how well you’ve done and see what you’ve achieved and tell you how great you are.

Be humble. The moment is precious, as is the space you give yourself and so take all the time you need – just to Be.  Allow the awakening process to occur naturally.

There really is nothing you need to do right now but learn how to quieten your otherwise busy mind, tune into your sacred heart and Be your authentic, radiant-self.

For daily inspiration and support on how to keep rising through challenging times, listen to these free 5 minute audio nuggets:

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Rise Today

The time has come to rise, and be who you came here to be;
to be authentic, stand tall and finally set yourself free.
Feel proud of yourself and who you are – proud of all that you’ve achieved so far.

There really is no limit to what is possible, as the rising planetary energies are here to support you to be the change which is now required; to live in tune with a higher perspective, a greater purpose and assist in the creation of something far greater here on Earth.

You can remain in an unconscious passive state should you wish to. You can choose to look the other way if you want to – but if you do decide to ride this powerful wave of transformation then you will be rewarded beyond anything you can currently imagine.

The choice is yours.

Work Together

The tides of change are ebbing and flowing, releasing and freeing humanity from all that has been programmed through hatred, fear and greed.

The very structures of reality are being shaken, and so ride the tide of true liberation – and be a part of a new and conscious collective creation.

The time has come to assist our beloved planet and work together in whatever way we can to secure a more positive future for humanity here on Earth. The choices you make and the change you implement could go on to influence future generations.

As the layers of disillusionment, distrust and dis-ease fall away, a new brighter, lighter, healthier you is revealed.

Set Yourself Free

You can make a difference just by being you and living with integrity and humility. Acknowledge the past, accept what has been and forgive anyone who you hold a grudge against, or who has betrayed you, let you down, or you feel anger towards – especially if that person is yourself.

It is up to you to set yourself free. Acceptance is the key. Forgive everyone, including yourself. You deserve to feel at peace, and for that peace to last.

Rise in awareness, and keep rising – join with others who are rising too. Ask yourself the questions that will motivate, inspire and get you into alignment with a greater collective vision for humanity.

But how will you rise?

Step up and show your true-self and live to your fullest potential.
Be a conscious, authentic, heart-centered human being.
Create the space you need for transformation.
Clear the clutter, and keep clearing.
Ground the dreams and visions you have for yourself and your life.
Raise your consciousness, become more aware, wake up – care.

What is the vision?
What are your dreams?
What does your heart long for?

Let your vision be a true vision, a heart sharing – a blissful encounter with the truth of who you are as you come further into Being. Your heart will show you the way.

Create a positive vision for humanity, one you would be willing to share, which supports all to live as one – supporting a harmonious existence with our beloved planet.


It is now that you must take action and step forever into purposeful living – without excuses, without fear and apprehension but instead with courage and conviction.

You will need to be strong and rise today – and keep rising.

Feel a deeper inner wisdom calling, guiding you to be conscious of the consequences you invite through the decisions you make – and supporting you to create a new, more authentic life.

The time is now. Step forward without first looking back, without seeking approval from others, or needing to have a safety net in place first.

Make your move today, choose to rise – and if not now, then when?

For daily inspiration and support on how to keep rising through challenging times, listen to these free 5 minute audio nuggets:

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Upgrade Your Life

It is easy to get caught up in patterns and habits that keep you from fulfilling your true potential.  In fact we give away a great deal of time and energy to this. Sometimes we have to take a breath, create a moment of stillness, be quiet and peaceful and just let go of everything – and relax.

If too much time is spent being busy, reacting and responding to the immediate environment in a knee-jerk way, then we can miss the opportunity to really know who we are, and to know what our real needs are – let alone get those needs met.

People easily become a manifestation of their inner-programming; unconscious programs can tell us how to act, what to do, and who to be. These programs are deeply rooted and can create an inner-dialogue of fear, judgement, criticism and self-neglect, or abuse.  Many of these programs have never been challenged; they operate like a TV or radio which chatters on in the background. Life becomes so much calmer when the background noise lessens.

Shaping Your World

Are you the kind of persona who just leaves the TV on blaring in the background?
Would you leave a young child alone in front of a Television without monitoring what he/she is watching and whether it is appropriate?

Imagine if there was something negative on the TV, totally draining and fear generating that made you look at the world with despair – would you just let it play day after day, year after year?  And would you believe it to be true just because it is on repeat and has become familiar?  Would you allow it to shape your world view?

Sadly this white noise is influencing our collective creation of reality.  Some people are more tuned into it than others. Many people have a huge amount of negative programming running in the background of their mind, day in, day out. It goes completely unchecked, unchallenged and worse still it shapes their perception of themselves and their world.

Negative programming creates anxiety, stress, depression and impacts physical well-being by overloading the systems of the body. Often the body is in an environment of perceived crisis just because of the mental imagery and dialogue it is exposed to.

Get Unplugged

To make lasting change to your physical health, and to support your emotional and mental well-being then get unplugged from the lower frequencies which create sickness and imbalance and attune to a higher frequency which supports health and vitality.

The reprogramming of your inner-world and the mindful awareness required to change your unconscious behaviour can transport you naturally from a life of illness and difficulty, to a life that is healthy, peaceful and fulfilling. You can literally rewrite the story and become someone who thrives rather than someone who struggles to survive.

It doesn’t really matter how you make the shift from walking through life in the sleepy haze of unconscious responses and reaction, to being awake, mindful and purposeful – it is only important that you do it!

Worth It

You are worth so much more than what those old programs will lead you to believe.  And it isn’t the programs’ fault – the programs are just data, old information. The trouble is that if you only listen to old information then you’re likely to stay stuck in old patterns and habits, because that is what has been programmed and you are just following instructions.

As human beings we fall into the trap of following the programs rather than seeing that we are actually the programmer too and it is up to us to upgrade, re-code and load new programs which can support our healthy, positive endeavours.

If the background noise of your life is negative and defeatist, then how will that ever lead you to success?  If your inner voice continuously moans and never has a kind word to say about you, your life or the world around you – then how will you find compassion in your heart and be kind to yourself and others?

Taking charge of your part in this amazing experience we call life involves you becoming 100% responsible for your creation of reality.  Being in charge of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes helps you shape your world.

When you take charge and become the programmer of a new inner landscape and dialogue then your reality will start to shift and bring you into alignment with a greater guiding wisdom and intelligence.

There will always be some background frequency to your life as this is what helps life to become manifest – but what you listen to is your choice.

The mind is a habit mind, it is programmed to remind you to repeat behaviours – but it does not discern a good habit from a bad habit. Whatever you do regularly becomes stored as a habit and your thoughts and feelings will encourage you to keep at it. And so choose to do the things that will most support you, rather than doing things that you know are not taking you in the direction you wish to go.

The Key

Program an enriched life, not your demise.
Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.
Create new programs by forming new habits, even if challenging to start with – once fully installed through repetition the new habit will become second nature. Choose things which fill your heart with joy.

Negative inner-dialogue is a habit that can be changed. And if you want to learn how to master the creation of your reality, then your inner-world and how you talk to yourself is probably the most powerful factor.

If you want positive, lasting change then you must upgrade, re-code and assimilate a new frequency of data – something that will align you, support you, and sustain you through even the most challenging times.

It is time for an Upgrade on every level, and it has never been more easy. The most important thing you can do to support your Awakening-Self is to say Yes to life and Yes to the opportunities offered.

Tools and Techniques

Regardless of where you are on your path of Ascension, this is a time of great change both personally and planetary.  Embracing what comes along, and raising your vibration in everyday ways will help to support and uplift you. Consciously observe ways in which you can become more heart-centred and gently guide yourself to make the necessary changes. As you become more conscious, so you become more aware of what serves you and what doesn’t.

There is no need to analyse anything – nor do you need to understand a deeper meaning so that you can learn your lessons. The stories seem endless as many of the programs people run are the collective imprints from a shared history over many life-times.

Your job is simply to recognise unhelpful programs and delete them. Installing new ones will give you new insights and empower you to live an authentic and abundant life.

If you want to learn how to do this, and much, much more then stay tuned as we have some great, easily accessible stuff coming your way.

Sparkling Love

Join us for the next Life Upgrade broadcast – Purposeful Awakening.
Register your Free place and either listen live, or to the replay.
Sunday 5th March 9pm (UK Time) Duration: 30mins approx.

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Rise and Shine

Yes is the Key

Our little boy is almost 3 years old already and family life brings us such joy – toddlers are great fun. Building our dream eco-home continues and we will be inviting you to join us here later this year for our first event at Magic Cottage.

Last year was amazing for Life Upgrade. All our events were full to capacity; time spent together was deeply nourishing, energetically uplifting and totally magical, taking us to some of the most sacred and special places here in the UK.

It would seem that when we say Yes to an opportunity to do something, then a magical door opens and new possibilities beckon. I’m looking forward to seeing what presents itself in 2017 – and I’ve already said Yes to it all!

Keep Getting Up

On a personal level I faced many challenges in 2016 – and so my mantra continues to be ‘just rise up’.  There have been many times in my life where I wasn’t able to rise up, where I could only stay down and I found comfort in that place – fearing that if I tried to get back up I would just be knocked down again.

Now I rise – and I just keep getting up no matter what. Last year challenged my ability to do this yet again, and has pushed me to new limits within myself.  It is not our life experiences that shape who we are, it is how we deal with each situation – how we respond really does matters. Our responses shape our reality. And I have to say that my reality is shaping up beautifully amidst the challenges.


Choosing not to be a victim set me free many years ago. Forgiveness set me free too, and gave me wings to fly and seek a deeper truth. I gave myself permission to reach out, to not look back and to explore further than I’d previously believed possible.

Each choice we make can either tether us to the limitation of our unconscious programming, or free us to expand into a greater awareness of who we really are.  I choose to venture into the unknown, no map, no destination – just a deep sense of purpose as my compass, and navigation.

2017 is a year of choice – and you will be presented with many.  The choices you make this year will evolve you, or dissolve you; and so take everything into your heart before making your decision(s).  Your heart is your compass and will guide you to emerge in resonance with All.

Fast Track Together

The evolution of humanity’s consciousness continues, and as we awaken to the unique purpose and power of our individual nature then a greater grounding of the true You of you is achieved. The best is yet to come, and the journey gets more interesting and exciting as you learn to let go and trust.  Birthing a New Earth is so much more fun when we work together as One.

If you feel ready to fast track your path of personal transformation, and be part of this global awakening then join us whenever you can, wherever you feel called, and remotely via Life Upgrade broadcasts – live, or via the replays.

Join Us

It would be lovely to see some of you in person who didn’t get to attend live events in 2016, and I know that those of you who did will be back for more!

And thank you to those of you who are unable to attend events in person, but tune in with us remotely and/or via the broadcasts.  We appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for continuing the journey of Awakening with us.

Sparkling Love

Check out some of the great events we have planned for you in 2017 – and stay tuned as there’s more to come!

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Choice Point

The Time is Now

An evolution in human consciousness is underway. Life Upgrade provides support, inspiration and guidance to help you navigate your way through this transformational time and find your way home – to the very heart of You.

Unique Challenge


When the shift begins to happen to you, it can feel like your world has turned upside down. This can present many challenges, and it can sometimes appear as if everything is falling apart.  Many people are experiencing this shake up, and it can be reassuring to know that you are not alone.

Everyone’s journey of Awakening is unique – many experience an unsettling of perceptions, as the structures of reality start to realign with a greater guiding truth.  Though in extreme cases it can seem as if your train has been de-railed, this unsettling is actually a call to action, and an opportunity to get fully on track with who you really are.

Who Are You?

This shake up is part of a much greater wake-up call for humanity, and its effect is both personal and collective.

When the shift happens it can make you question everything: the things you believe, and the things that until now you took for granted.

Foundations start to wobble and you may begin to wonder what life’s all about, why you are here, and in fact ‘who you really are’.

Health and Wellbeing

Any and all areas of life can be affected: health, wealth, relationships, career etc. Some people experience small, sometimes subtle nudges to look at disharmony and dissatisfaction in their life and in the world around them, but if those nudges are ignored then issues magnify until it is impossible to ignore them any more.

negativityThe magnification of buried emotional issues left unaddressed can be enough to trigger physical disease or at least compromise the integrity of the body. A lack of awareness about the quality of what we feed the body, whether through negative thinking, poor nutritional choices and/or bad habits all reduce vitality and impact the body’s natural regenerative process.

A crisis of health or wellbeing can be a wake-up call. Many people who see it as this make profound changes, influencing all areas of their life – coming out the other side with a new sense of self, love of life and perhaps a greater sense of purpose.


Many people feel pushed to the brink of discomfort, tottering on the edge of change as they ponder what the next step might be.  Maybe there are too many decisions to make, or maybe just one big decision. People agonise over decision making – and uncertainty usually brings anxiety.

Some people embrace the opportunity to make important changes in life, whilst others feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and may become stagnant, stuck or confused.

Choice Point

Within every moment, and within all areas of life there are choice points. You can take charge of your life and choose to live authentically, flowing effortlessly with the current tide of transformation.

Life Upgrade

There are many ways to find support along the way through Life Upgrade.  Whether you tune in to the huge library of broadcasts; which are Free and offer inspirational insights, guided inner journeys and a unique energy transmission to help release stuck patterns.

Or you attend one of our many events – covering all aspects of the Awakening process. These events, and the broadcasts are all designed to help you connect deeply with your authentic-self and release those aspects that no longer serve you, live your true potential and create the life you choose.

There are no limits to what can be experienced through Life Upgrade journeys – whether these journeys are through creative visualisation, or physical journeys with the land and across the globe.

Guiding Transmission

Every person is on a unique path and once attuned to a higher frequency those paths naturally lead to the very heart of All – bringing everything together as One.  Peace, love, and unity are the foundation blocks to the creation of a New Earth. Life Upgrade will support you through this time of personal and planetary Awakening as you make manifest your heart’s dream.


On the cutting edge of exploration into consciousness, creating reality and effortless living – Life Upgrade is a powerful transmission through which infinite possibilities to transcend limitation exist.

Regardless of where you are on your path right now, everything you need is already within you and you can make a deeper connection to this guiding, inner wisdom now.

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Star Gate Activation

We had such an amazing ceremony at Stonehenge – and thank you to those of you who tuned in remotely across the globe.  If you didn’t do so at the time, then it’s still not too late.  The accompanying broadcast will take you there and you can enjoy the transmission of this unprecedented Star Gate Activation.

Stonehenge Star Gate no words30 Ground Crew came to take part in this event and if you were one of them then thank you again for your open-heart and willingness to act as an anchor at this special time.

We had the added bonus of a couple of crop circles appearing in the area, one right by Stonehenge and the other just outside Avebury.  The one near to Stonehenge was so beautiful, and the energy felt so peaceful, like coming Home – we didn’t want to leave.

After breakfast we went to Swallow Falls and dipped our feet in the river Kennet. The second part of our ceremony was there, tuned in to the water and the trees.

Then on to West Kennet Long Barrow, which we have been called to many times for various ceremonies – and this one was particularly special.  The sound reverberates so beautifully within the dark stone womb and passage.

We finished our day lying in the second crop circle, high on the hill top with the expanse of sky all around.  For some of us this was our second visit to this actual spot, and that in itself is an unusual occurrence – for crop circles rarely appear in the exact same place twice.

The energy of the day was supercharged, the whole event was magical beyond words and the waves of transformation will continue to ripple out for a long time.

If you would like to join us via the replay of the broadcast, then here is the link.
It is just as potent now as it was when it was recorded, if not more so!

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Feel Like You’re Going Backwards?

The ebb and flow of life can sometimes leave you feeling neither here nor there. The  desire to move forward in a more positive way brings with it the responsibility of having to make certain changes.  Though change is necessary and in some ways inevitable, it can feel challenging. You may feel as though you are taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Rather than seeing this in a negative way, and fearing that you are falling back into old habits, patterns and dramas, you can actually shift your perception and use this as the jet propulsion required to launch yourself forward successfully.

Blue surrenderLike a human catapult, you feel the pull backwards – it can feel stressful, tense and you may believe you are going in the wrong direction.  But a catapult must be pulled back, if it is to be launched forward successfully. The power of the launch is in the increased pressure that comes from drawing it back fully.

Keep your focus.
What is your target/goal?
Do you have it clearly in your sight?

Feel the backwards pull and trust that a great momentum is building, ready to propel you forward with great gusto – focus your aim, let go and trust.

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Tea With Tracy – Star Children

Many interesting conversations happen in our kitchen, and we often wish you were here with us, relaxing with a cup of tea – and so now you can be ….

Eva Fernandes talks with Tracy about Star Children. As the consciousness of humanity shifts we can become more aware of the role of Star Children and learn how best to support them on their mission.

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The Rough and the Smooth

There are some very interesting changes coming up this year – and as you settle into the flow of 2016 you may find that you don’t really like what you’ve brought with you from the previous years.

Perhaps you feel heavy, burdened and unable to escape the pressure that comes from having to carry a lot of baggage. It’s very easy to let go when you know that you can, and should – but sometimes you can carry a great deal of unnecessary stuff because no-one has told you to put it down. And when you carry a great deal, over a long period of time it’s as if it’s part of you, forming your identity, and then it can be very tricky to get rid of as it can feel as though you are losing part of who you are.

The theme of this coming year is very much about giving yourself permission to lighten the load – so just get rid of what you no longer need.

YOU are the one who has to give yourself permission – just YOU!

And so take a look at where you are carrying excess and simply let it go. Perhaps you have been trying to rid yourself of the very things which hold you back for quite some time, as the last few years have been of a similar flavour – but 2016 is the place where you must let go for good – and you really should!

It will not serve you to keep holding on. It can cause you untold suffering, especially physically now – joints, knees, shoulders, elbows, spine etc. And as the vibration of the planet accelerates and the opportunity to become a more highly evolved crystalline being becomes available, you will have to make your choice: move with the times, and the flow of Light, or leave and make your way back at some other point – perhaps?

diamondIt’s not easy, and as the year progresses there will be a lot of opportunities presented that will challenge you to look at your life and really make some important decisions about how to proceed.

The year ahead will provide many situations in which you are offered a completely new view point, and a new perception of self – so much so that you may feel as if you are losing your mind, or your identity – leaving you unsure of how you fit into the world.

Let the energies of this powerful year gently massage away all that you are not, and bring to the surface the beautiful diamond that you are.

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Changing Tides

So how does it feel to be embracing change at last?

This is such a powerful time of deep receptivity; open the heart, breathe and receive.You are a vessel into which Light can be poured, and through which greatness can flow – when you allow.

Be happy in the knowledge that nothing is stagnant any more. The still ponds have been stirred awakening ancient sediment. The tides of every ocean turn in their own perfect time guided by the moon; they do this regardless of how you feel about change, or if indeed you feel ready.

Full moon 2How wet you get may no longer be a choice as a great cleansing rain is needed for humanity, regardless of whether it suits your personal needs on any particular day. 

Trust that no ocean is too deep, no storm more powerful than you, and no magnitude of water too great. These waters represent the emerging You of You and all its potential. Surrendering to the flow will enable you to truly receive and embody the transformational wisdom and energies of this time.  

Though we all experience the ‘changing tides’ differently, what is for certain is that water itself is miraculous, essential for life and reflects everything in its environment. Continue reading

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