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Life Upgrade

Life Upgrade's unique energy transmission supports the process of both personal and planetary awakening. Attune to the New Frequency and get the upgrades, activations and insights you require to make the shift.

Use your intuition to navigate around this website and be guided as to which transmission/broadcasts to listen to and which exciting events to attend.

Follow your heart's calling, and find yourself receiving exactly what you need, when you need it!

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Glastonbury Goddess Gateway

EventGlastonbury Goddess Gateway

3 days of Sacred Feminine Attunement.

Entering into the darkness of winter, retreating into the cauldron of self-reflection – an opportunity to work deep within the sacred lands and waters of mystical Glastonbury is offered.

9th December 2016

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Machu Picchu - StarGate Activation

EventMachu Picchu - StarGate Activation

Ground your Starseed self, plug into the Matrix of Light and support the Awakening of New Earth.

We are called to Peru’s Sacred Valley, and to Machu Picchu, to honour our great Earth Mother Pacha Mama and be in service at this time.

1st July 2017

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Tune in to the Latest Transmissions …

Sacred Waters of New Earth

Life Upgrade BroadcastSacred Waters of New Earth

Tune in and rest deeply, whilst this powerful transmission washes over you.

Nothing else you need to do, nowhere else you need to be - just an opportunity to Upgrade your awareness and set yourself free.

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Stonehenge Star Gate Activation

Life Upgrade BroadcastStonehenge Star Gate Activation

Come join us for this special broadcast and be part of the Star Gate activation at Stonehenge.

You are called to help hold the space through this beautiful heart-centred transmission. You will receive guidance, insights and Upgrades to help you get into alignment as we activate this sacred stone site with the energy of New Earth.

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Being In The Flow

Audio ProgrammeBeing In The Flow

“Being In The Flow” is a 4 part audio series designed to move you on from limiting patterns of behaviour and thinking, and on into a bigger, brighter arena – where life flows with ease and you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

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Who Are You? - Discover Your Authentic Self

Self Development PackageWho Are You?  Discover Your Authentic Self

You are invited to take a transformational journey into the heart of who you really are.  Discovering your true authentic nature is the very key to manifesting the life of your dreams.  Once in alignment with your true essence, all things become possible.

The Who Are You? Home study course will help you identify and change restricting patterns, attitudes and behaviours which currently hold you back in life.

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