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Life Upgrade

On the cutting edge of exploration into consciousness, creating reality and effortless living - Life Upgrade is a powerful transmission through which infinite possibilities to transcend limitation exist.

Regardless of where you are on your path right now, everything you need is already within you and you can make a deeper connection to this guiding, inner wisdom now.

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Summer Solstice at Stanton Drew
19th June 2016

WorkshopSummer Solstice at Stanton Drew

The Summer Solstice energies have been building to this magnificent crescendo, and so let’s come together in celebration of the Sun and activate Stanton Drew stone circle.

This Light grid activation will help attune you to a deeper, more centred sense of self and purpose as you anchor the potent transmission of the Sun’s energy and ground it here on Earth.

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Tune in to the Latest Transmissions …

Enter the Goddess Temple

Life Upgrade BroadcastEnter the Goddess Temple

This is one of the most potent transmissions at this time of awakening.

Drop deep into the ocean of Light and feel the codes for transformation being re-written as the stories of ancient times are held in the Light of Truth.

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The Codes for Karmic Resolution

Life Upgrade BroadcastThe Codes for Karmic Resolution

This is a very important broadcast, transmitting the necessary Codes for Karmic Resolution.

This means that if you are still struggling to let go, and are finding things very intense particularly in relation to others then you may require this specific activation to finally set yourself free.

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Being In The Flow

Audio ProgrammeBeing In The Flow

“Being In The Flow” is a 4 part audio series designed to move you on from limiting patterns of behaviour and thinking, and on into a bigger, brighter arena – where life flows with ease and you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

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Who Are You? - Discover Your Authentic Self

Self Development PackageWho Are You?  Discover Your Authentic Self

You are invited to take a transformational journey into the heart of who you really are.  Discovering your true authentic nature is the very key to manifesting the life of your dreams.  Once in alignment with your true essence, all things become possible.

The Who Are You? Home study course will help you identify and change restricting patterns, attitudes and behaviours which currently hold you back in life.

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