Tracy Holloway

Integration Process 2

Integration Process 2

You may feel that now is the time to look a little deeper into any conflicting or self-sabotaging patterns you hold and work with them effectively. This series of potent seminar/broadcasts will assist you to address this and more, and you will be shown the process for deep inner work.

If you decide that this is the right time for you, then this is what we will be covering:

Fragmentation – What is it?
The Heart’s True Power – Assisting the journey of Transformation.
Your Call.
The feelings of betrayal and separation from truth.
The Stories – Releasing these.
The journey into wholeness – integration and remembering the truth.

The parts which get lost, are hiding, or denied – and how to retrieve them.
The parts who feel dead, or are perceived to be dead.
The parts who never want to be found.
The parts who play the role of protector.
The parts who disassociate and find power from being awkward.
The parts who never find their power.
The parts who are broken, and/or have been abused.
The parts who fear that if they are retrieved they will cause trouble/damage/or the world will end.
The parts who can’t accept what has happened.
The parts who deny they exist, think they are fake, or believe they aren’t real.
The parts who died in an accident, though you carried on living.
The parts who died in surgery, or through birth (your birth/or giving birth).
The parts who can’t forgive, won’t forget and resist being given the opportunity.
The parts who never want to do anything ever again – no matter what.
The parts who don’t want you to see their pain, or feel anything ever again.
The parts who sabotage you, and can’t let you move on for fear of what might happen.

This and more will be covered and you will be given a deep and powerful opportunity to work with the transformational process of integration within an energy transmission which will support you to let go fully, should you wish to.

This necessary part of the awakening process will gift you more than you can imagine. You will be able to let go of a great deal, and integrate a huge amount of information which may not have been accessible until now.