Win a 2019 Moon Diary!

I celebrated my 50th birthday this summer, and I can hardly believe that I’ve got to this juicy age – what an exhilarating ride it’s been so far.

My affirmation continues to be –
‘The best is yet to come!’

Work has taken a back seat for a while and I’ve missed you all – especially those I often see at our events, or connect to via our broadcasts. I trust you are all well and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Enjoying the Moment

Sitting in our woodland office, looking out at the beautiful autumn colours I ponder the year which seems to have passed so quickly and how it has been for me and my family. We love to walk in the forest at this time of year, looking for mushrooms and catching falling leaves and so we’re taking time to enjoy these simple pleasures.

It has been a challenging year in many ways, more so than I’m able to share at this time. Remembering to keep things simple, enjoy the moment and relax in nature as much as possible has been what’s got me through. (Ah – back to basics yet again!)

In many ways this year has been a time of settling for us, still so much to do here at our self-built forever home but the intensity of living on a building site and the challenges that this inevitably brings are finally subsiding and we’re now able to root-in a little deeper and say yes to some of the new opportunities which present themselves.

2019 Moon Diary

I was delighted when Astrocal asked me to write for them. I have personally used their beautiful moon diaries for many years. They are always accurate, and with their stunning artwork and presentation I can see why they are so popular with professional astrologers as well as with more novice star gazers, and moon worshippers a like.

Writing the monthly New Moon meditation for 2019 has been a wonderful experience. The diaries are now in print and look stunning.

These will also be supported by a powerful monthly on-line meditation/ceremony – I hope you will sign up and join me for that and we can share the magical energies of each New Moon together.

The meditations/ceremonies are all Free, though you may wish to treat yourself to a 2019 Moon Diary to read and journey ever more deeply in tune with the moon, stars and cycles of the planets in relationship to you and your life here on Earth.

Win a 2019 Moon Diary!

In the spirit of gratitude for all the wonderful opportunities which come my way I would love to share these 2019 Moon Diaries with you – and I have 3 to give away!

If you have previously enjoyed my Life Upgrade broadcasts and would like to receive this special gift then please answer this question: (answer in the comment box below)

What has been your favourite broadcast?
And why?

I look forward to reading your responses and choosing the lucky winners!

Make sure you sign up for the monthly New Moon meditations/ceremonies throughout 2019 – link below.

With much Love and Gratitude to you all.


Sign Up for the New Moon meditations/ceremonies here: an Astrocal 2019 Diary here:
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12 Responses to Win a 2019 Moon Diary!

  1. Lisa Cadd says:

    I think it was integration 4 where you talked of the Dragon soaring! I seemed to wake up at the point you talked of it each time ….the same place!

    I love your broadcasts for different reasons at different times. Just looking through them now I was drawn to ‘enter new earth’.
    This was broadcast on 26th nov last year!!! I think I know what I’m listening to next!

    Missed your presence Tracy but the things you post on FB often resonate…so it’s nice to connect in that way. Sending 💕💕💕💕💕

    Xxx xxx Lisa xxxxxx

  2. Liza K Collins says:

    I don’t really have one favourite as I’ve enjoyed every single one of your broadcasts, but two I have gone back to many many times over the years is ‘Cleansing Tide’ and ‘Clearing Karmic Codes’ especially during times of struggle and stress and I then seem to follow them up with Assimilation Time and Anchoring the light. Also like the deep cellular change when i’m going through something sticky and need something to work on the gritty stuff… I feel that the broadcasts mentioned have really helped me to clear, assimilate and move forward – am now feeling that I am in a space where suddenly so much of my life has fallen into place and finally makes sense… feel like i’ve arrived home to myself and it feels great. lx

  3. Achara D. Lovink says:

    Every-time I listen or re-listen any of your broadcast – while trying to keep up with your passe of posting them – is what is so favorite to me. It is the feeling of appropriateness and sense in the moment that strikes me so gently and so just, as I dream love to be.

    Love, Achara

  4. Zoe Basil says:

    I’ve been asking foer signs about my direction and what is right for me moving forward. Then three days ago I picked the ‘Phases of the moon’ angel card and now this pops up! Perfect timing as always and I’ve just ordered four of the diaries for me and three friends. Can’t wait to start!

    Thank you so much for this beautiful gift and for being your wonderful self, Tracy. Much love, Zoe xxx

  5. Aline. says:

    Hi Tracy and all,
    I gave myself the night to think about my favorite, but the answer was clear this morning: all of those 30min (+30min of music at the end) broadcasts. Who are you 7.2 is also a huge part I used to listen to in a loop for many days/weeks.

    Why those are my favorite, how do I choose my next one?
    Their title and picture is often a first trigger of choice, sometimes weird technical things happen to help me pick the next one I will listen to. 🙂
    Your sweet, calm and inspiring voice is amazing, even your pinches of humour when you laugh gently saying “You ARE ready, aren’t you?” (haha and my mind replys “YES! Euh.. am I?”), or when you talk about the mushroom kingdoms and queendoms 🙂

    A big wave of gratitude to you, Tracy, I enjoy a LOT your broadcasts, and I benefit a lot from them every day. Even my life partner seem to have major upgrades every time I do after I listened to an audio ! 🙂

  6. Julia says:

    I love every one your broadcasts Tracy. They have been a comfort in challenging times and an inspiration at others. Last year when my Thyroid was exhausted, I found it hard to get up in the mornings and your series of 21 Wake Up Calls really helped me through that period. Those 5 minute wake-up calls helped me start each day with an optimistic outlook and feeling less alone. I loved them. My favourite though is your series of children’s bedtime stories. If I ever have difficulty sleeping I put one of those on and your voice reminds me to wiggle my toes and snuggle under the bedcovers. I relax as You transport me to another world that is free of stress and anxiety. Before the story ends, I’m asleep with a smile.

  7. Sirpa Tuominen says:

    Dear Tracy, All your broadcasts have been important to me, and I do miss them. Favourite..possibly the karma clearing.
    Looking immensely forward to hear your broadcasts again.
    Thank you. xx

  8. Sheli says:

    All the broadcasts carry their own vibration. The most memorable for me was the Venus Transit portal activation 11.11.11 I experienced having energetic heart surgery. Very powerful and transformative.
    Thank you for all the healing and upgrades you channel and share with us.
    Love and Gratitude Sheli


    Bonjour,j’ai pu suivre un temps “LIFE UPGRADE” car il y avait une traductrice ,en français.J’ai du m’absenter des écrans et au retour,plus de traductrice,étant 0 en anglais,je me suis éloigné de vos présentations,
    Je demeure très intéressé par votre enseignement. Seule une traduction en français me verrait participer .
    Merci Tracy,de prendre connaissance de ce courrier.
    et merci de ce que vous faites.
    Poursuivez..Le monde a besoin de gens de votre qualité

  10. Claire Rebecca says:

    Ooooh this is tricky; each broadcast seems to have a way of magically finding you at exactly the right time and wrapping you in a wondrous snuggly ball of exactly what you need to hear!

    The Codes for Karmic Resolution has been a particularly special friend to me this year. This one is so deep – and not just because we fall into the abyss! ;p The wisdom it contains is infinite, and Tracy guides us through it so gently, creating a space in which the limitations of our own perception can be observed with humility and kindness, and channelled into something creative and wonderful ^_^

    This broadcast made it crystal clear to me that you are the space in which you reside; and just knowing I can listen to it in times of difficulty brings me great comfort. The moment of gratitude at the beginning – for everything that has been, regardless of how it has been experienced or how we might judge it now – is profoundly humbling and transformative. When I hear I am perfectly aligned I am liberated.

    At other times this broadcast makes me feel like a wizard! >_ XXXXX

  11. Christal says:

    Dear Tracy and all,
    First, I sustain Charles request about some kind of translation of your broadcasts, because many French persons are willing to follow all the wonderful things you offer, but there is a language barrier.
    Fortunately, I can understand most of your broadcasts and appreciate earing your voice and the beautiful energies it conveys.
    I liked a lot the series of daily wake up calls, and restarted them recently. So, I would select them as my favorites.
    But, as many expressed before me, I really love all the broadcasts you propose and believe it is of a great help during our current elevation time.
    Thank you so much Tracy, those would help you and all your followers who try to make a better wold for everyone <3

    • Christal says:

      About the daily wake up calls, I would add that each morning it is my little piece of inspiration, like a candy for my soul 🦄
      It helps me start my day in a good energy and realign to the essential things.
      Gratitude to all those who make it possible, to all those who sustain it and to our wonderful universe 🙏🏼

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