The Rough and the Smooth

There are some very interesting changes coming up this year – and as you settle into the flow of 2016 you may find that you don’t really like what you’ve brought with you from the previous years.

Perhaps you feel heavy, burdened and unable to escape the pressure that comes from having to carry a lot of baggage. It’s very easy to let go when you know that you can, and should – but sometimes you can carry a great deal of unnecessary stuff because no-one has told you to put it down. And when you carry a great deal, over a long period of time it’s as if it’s part of you, forming your identity, and then it can be very tricky to get rid of as it can feel as though you are losing part of who you are.

The theme of this coming year is very much about giving yourself permission to lighten the load – so just get rid of what you no longer need.

YOU are the one who has to give yourself permission – just YOU!

And so take a look at where you are carrying excess and simply let it go. Perhaps you have been trying to rid yourself of the very things which hold you back for quite some time, as the last few years have been of a similar flavour – but 2016 is the place where you must let go for good – and you really should!

It will not serve you to keep holding on. It can cause you untold suffering, especially physically now – joints, knees, shoulders, elbows, spine etc. And as the vibration of the planet accelerates and the opportunity to become a more highly evolved crystalline being becomes available, you will have to make your choice: move with the times, and the flow of Light, or leave and make your way back at some other point – perhaps?

diamondIt’s not easy, and as the year progresses there will be a lot of opportunities presented that will challenge you to look at your life and really make some important decisions about how to proceed.

The year ahead will provide many situations in which you are offered a completely new view point, and a new perception of self – so much so that you may feel as if you are losing your mind, or your identity – leaving you unsure of how you fit into the world.

Let the energies of this powerful year gently massage away all that you are not, and bring to the surface the beautiful diamond that you are.

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3 Responses to The Rough and the Smooth

  1. Fiona Frank says:

    Thanks and bless you Tracy for the words of clarity……..I particularly love the last 2 lines.
    I so wish to be freeeeeeee!
    I am wondering how best to focus my energy. I just want to you use all my gifts as well as I can.
    Sometimes we need a time of reflection and then whooosh, we are back in the fast lane again.
    I wish for peace, for compassion and for the forces of power to have a heart for our planet.
    Choochoo’s acomin! Soon! xxx

  2. mieke says:

    Beautiful message ! Thank you Tracy !

  3. jacqui-ann says:

    It is a great time of release for me, heavy burdens have been released. I`m free to just be me. To float full of energy and light, so beautiful
    Thank you

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