Seasonal Changes

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn, the Autumn Equinox is here.  The colours are so beautiful, every shade of red, orange and gold will soon be seen across the landscape.  A time to reflect on what you have created in your own life – over this summer period of growth and development.

Get in the Flow

Let the colours of the trees awaken your imagination to what is possible.  See how quickly things change, and how transformation occurs easily when things are allowed to flow in their own natural rhythm, the powerful ebb and flow, the endless cycles of regeneration.

Image: Autumn leafHow balanced and in the flow are you right now?

What are the fruits of your labour?

What have you harvested recently?

Will all that you nurtured, ripened and picked from life’s bountiful tree, see you through the coming winter months, as the journey within begins?

What else might you need?

Are there extra resources that you could squirrel away now that will make the winter easier?

All of your thoughts, like seeds in your mind, grow and create the reality that you find yourself in.

Set a clear intention about what you require, and take action to get these things in place.

What will you continue to grow in the garden of your mind that will benefit you most?

What do you wish you had weeded out right at the start?
No matter how big, it is never too late to pull a weed!

There is nothing that you cannot change, as life changes constantly.  There is nothing that you cannot do, as you are a powerful creative being.  There is nothing holding you back other than a lack of imagination, and perhaps worries and fears – tripping you up and getting in the way.

Do you think the leaf is fearful as it changes from green to brown?

These natural cycles are without fear, they find a perfect balance by truly being One with everything else.  There is innate trust, wisdom, knowledge and intelligence, way beyond what human beings experience when they live in fear, doubt and self limitation – get connected to nature and feel truly alive and aligned.

Take a leaf out of the tree’s book, let yourself transform gently, and without fear.  You may not know what will happen next but if you colour your dreams with a little imagination, you can trust that great things will come into being.

Equinox Wishes
Oh and of course, don’t forget to take a walk in nature at this time, especially when the leaves begin to fall.  The inner child likes nothing better than catching a falling leaf and making an equinox wish.

Enjoy this special time.

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