Heart Frequency Activation

Tune in and receive this powerful transmission

A new heart frequency is available; supporting you to live the life your authentic self dreams of.

Are you ready to open your heart and remember the truth of who you are?

Do you feel the need to change, but sense resistance?
Would you like to be guided by your all knowing, intuitive heart’s wisdom – at a pace that’s right for you?

The new heart frequency is here to guide and support you.
Receive your own unique activation sequence, bringing you into greater alignment with your true potential, and purpose. 
You are not alone – your empowered heart will remind you that you are One with All.

Unmissable! Register your free place now:

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Drop Deep into the Ocean

Feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed? – then you are not alone.

If you doubt yourself, or are unable to get motivated to take action, or you feel as though nothing makes sense and you fear you’re losing the plot – then well done, you are intuitively aligned with the energies of this present, but thankfully transient moment.

There is no real clarity in this moment, though there are great depths to immerse yourself in. The deep waters are calling, and it is time to let go into the ocean and relax entirely in the ebb and flow. Within the waters there are adventures to be had, stories to be told and an opportunity to dream big and use this metaphorical ocean as a story board to project your future wishes upon.

waveThis is a time for deep inner reflection, an opportunity to allow the bigger picture to be glimpsed – and even if you ‘see’ nothing, you have to trust that something wonderful is gently awakening within you.

The heart aches to know truth, and yet the mind’s constructs are often interwoven with fakery, falsehood and misperception. As the sometimes suspicious, judging and doubting mind reacquaints itself with the integrity of the all loving heart, then many important internal conversations will take place. This inner dialogue can feel uncomfortable, conflict can be perceived externally as well as internally.

Each conversation, conscious or unconscious begs an important question, challenging previously held beliefs, rocking the foundations of what you thought you knew.  Each question needs an honest answer, though the question remains the same each time:
Is what I believe really true? Continue reading

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Ascension Check List

World is Awakening40 ideas to keep you focused.  This check list can help give you an idea of your progress as you move through the inevitable awakening.  Tick the ones you have already mastered, and set the intention to make the other shifts you require as easily and naturally as possible.

Each one can provide plenty of food for thought, and you can come back to it time and time again and see what further integrations have occurred and what you’d still like to achieve. Continue reading

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All Is Perfect

AutumnAs the new energies settle, and you begin to integrate the changes more deeply, a gentle awakening occurs. The ascension process takes time; it is a step by step evolution of consciousness. There is no need to rush. Take everything at your own perfect pace. Your personal journey is unique. Gently, bit by bit, you will let go of everything you are not, and become all that you truly are.

There will be many adjustments along the way, subtle changes in perception as well as challenges faced and deeply buried grief released. Much of our collective history is being purged and those who are sensitive to energies can often feel overwhelmed. The trick is to focus on where you are going, whilst being present to what Is. The inevitable collapse of the old world is occurring, and learning to adapt, observe and let go is key. Continue reading

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Si’star Space

Upcoming 5 part Broadcast

A Magical Space – supporting the emergence of the Divine Feminine

Calling all sisters: this super-empowering, female embracing, goddess anchoring, intuitively guided, wise, wonderful woman broadcast is just for You!

Si'star Space

Continue reading

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Life Upgrade – 21 Tips for a Happy New Year

When setting an intention about the direction you wish your life to go, rather than being too specific – instead consider the qualities, energies and ways of being that will support your overall personal transformation.

There may well be a brighter, better, more beautiful life opening up to you than you can possibly imagine – so rather than trying to create it by having a fixed focus, instead invite the energies of the year to help you to continue to awaken to the truth of who you really are.

It is only by knowing who you truly are, that you can create the life of your dreams. Continue reading

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Healing Birth

Time to Release

Gardians of the Children of The LightLife Upgrade broadcasts offer emotional and spiritual guidance and support to parents, carers and children through the unique energy transmission of the ‘Guardians of the Children of the Light’.

I will be presenting a series of global online events, all free to attend, with the specific intention of shifting the current paradigm of birth, parenting and education.  Attending will connect you with other like-minded, conscious people who wish to make a difference.  Each broadcast will offer insights as well as meditative processes to target specific areas. Continue reading

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Inevitable Awakening

The 2012 Winter Solstice symbolised the end of a cycle in Earth’s history, the change from one galactic season to another. Now, as new light-energy floods our beloved planet, the integration process begins. It is time to let go into this awakened phase, and be present to what Is.

The inevitable shift in human consciousness is occurring and everyone is a player in this co-created dream of Heaven on Earth. The more authentic you are, the easier your life will be and yet many unconsciously resist this simple challenge. There is nothing more natural than living from a heart-centred place, and yet the mind has taken precedence for so long that many have lost touch with what’s natural and true.

Nature is calling, and that which is natural within you is beginning to wake up and remember. Continue reading

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New Year, New Possibilities

Thank you

Last year was such an amazing year in so many ways, and as I look back all I can say is "Thank you so much!"

ButterflyThe year ahead is full of potential, there is nothing like a fresh start to uplift and inspire.  We have so much new stuff to share with you, and my new website is almost ready to be launched.  As well as plenty of global broadcasts for you to tune into, we also have a few very special events in the pipeline.

All in all, a very positive start as we integrate the powerful energies of 2012 and continue to work with everything this time has helped to bring forth.  Many people believed that 2012 signified the end of the world, but as you know it is the very beginning of a new phase of life on Earth.  The biggest changes are occurring on the inner-realms, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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2013 – Washed up on the shore?

When we entered into 2012, you may remember that I said how fast the year would fly by, and that it was best not to make too many plans – the focus instead could then be on embracing the opportunities presented, and following intuitive guidance. You may have struggled to let go completely, and trust yourself fully – and the year may have gone by so fast that you hardly had time to think. The energies of 2012 were exceptional in many ways. If you are reading this then you should give yourself a round of applause, or take a moment for self-gratitude, or offer up a little happy dance in celebration of your accomplishment, as you have made it through – congratulations. Continue reading

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