‘Light Fueled’ Lunch

  • A good handful or more, sprouted seeds.
  • Lots of vibrant mixed leaves.
  • Chunks of avocado.
  • Various colourful fruits and veggies in different shapes and sizes, chop playfully. 
  • Give all your fresh herbs a quick haircut and pop those delicious, energy fuelled trimmings in.
  • Add olives, sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts, pine nuts (all optional extras depending on mood and required taste.)
  • Sprinkle with ground mixed seeds (already prepared & stored in airtight container in fridge and ready to sprinkle on anything that stays still for long enough!)
  • Optional nibble of cheese (especially if your name is Seb!)
  • Dress provocatively, and serve in your sexiest bowl.

Nice salad bowl
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