Inevitable Awakening

The 2012 Winter Solstice symbolised the end of a cycle in Earth’s history, the change from one galactic season to another. Now, as new light-energy floods our beloved planet, the integration process begins. It is time to let go into this awakened phase, and be present to what Is.

The inevitable shift in human consciousness is occurring and everyone is a player in this co-created dream of Heaven on Earth. The more authentic you are, the easier your life will be and yet many unconsciously resist this simple challenge. There is nothing more natural than living from a heart-centred place, and yet the mind has taken precedence for so long that many have lost touch with what’s natural and true.

Nature is calling, and that which is natural within you is beginning to wake up and remember.

We are oneThe old paradigm of fear, anger, hatred and greed was created by the minds of those who perceived themselves as somehow separate from nature – believing instead that they are more powerful than She, and that they could control and manipulate Her to their own gain.

There is nothing more potent at this time than remembering the truth at the heart of All. As you tap into your innate wisdom, connect further with the natural world, and celebrate the interconnectedness of all life – you come home fully to You.

People are waking up, now more than ever before. The lies they once swallowed are now being regurgitated and seen for what they are. The conditions of their past will no longer mould them into thoughtless beings, shaped by shame, guilt, prejudice and selfish need.  The conditioned mind has no power over the all-knowing heart.

The world is changing, this is inevitable. You are part of this change, and how consciously you live your life influences everything and everyone. You are not, and never have been separate from the rhythms and cycles or the natural world – you are an interwoven thread. How you weave and flow now is your choice.

As the new energies of 2013 lovingly flood our planet, you are being asked to consider your perspective, and where necessary move from the conditioned mind to the true awakened presence of your empowered heart.

It is time to awaken to truth, to love, and to trust the very wisdom you were born with.

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3 Responses to Inevitable Awakening

  1. Ingrid says:

    I loved to read this article! These are all encouraging news! I have been trying to live from my heart, centred space, for a while now and I must confess that sometimes it is not easy. Our mind is so powerful, but I’m consciously coming back to my heart, over and over again, each time I find I have lost my “center”. I can feel the energies of Mother Earth shifting every day, it is not an illusion any longer, but a WONDERFUL REALITY! Each day I send love and light from my heart to everyone, everywhere. We’re playing a big role in this transformation, it is the reason why we’re here at this time and I’ll never stop playing my part. Love you all.

  2. Joëlle says:

    Lovely people you are
    Yes it´s not easy to stay un our hearth
    And it´s often like we are in a washmaching
    It´s not very confortable but it´s a necessity to obtain our new skin
    We have to be brave and all us good
    What us important in the present Time is to realize How the place of everyone is important
    Everypeople is the most important people
    Each of us has a place to take
    Sometimes it´s difficult for one other time it will be for another and it´s very important Thatcher we support each other
    It´s a special time very amazing but not easy to live
    Be brave brothers and sisters in light

  3. Yuri says:

    If it was a few years ago, I would have read this article with envies and wondering how it would be like to live a life without fear, guilt, shame and all the nasties, and instead living in a heart center and feeling the one heart, because I didn’t know how to.
    But now, Life Upgrade made it possible for me. Life Upgrade gave me the tools and love portion to get me fully awake. The year 2012 was the biggest transition time for me (with the super high powered roller coaster!), and I am feeling the big changes in energies already this year. I love reading Tracy’s energy forecast, my heart sings to the truth, and it’s so nice the loving and affirming words and to know what’s coming.
    Thank you, Tracy xxxxx

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