FEWsteps – Goal Setting

Goal setting is really dream getting.  If you don’t set goals then you will never achieve your dreams.  The mind works in such a way that you have to focus on what you want; most people focus on what they don’t want.

When I got to 40 I realised that I was happier, healthier and had more energy than when I was in my 20s.  I set a goal then to have even more energy, vitality, wealth, health and happiness at 60 than at 40.  Now that my mind knows what I am looking to achieve it can go about sorting the finer details, like how to make this happen.

Your Goals
What goals are you setting today?
What is the big picture for your life?
What is the next step you need to make today?
What would be in the way of achieving that next step easily?

Set the big goals, and also the smaller goals which focus on making all the little steps required.

Set goals, and then take appropriate action.

Your World – Your Choice
You create your world through your thoughts, intentions and the power you have to imagine yourself achieving your goals.  If you don’t set goals then it is like going to a restaurant and just sitting there waiting for your favourite meal to arrive, even though when the waitress came to take your order you said that you would just have anything.

Be Specific
If there are specific things which you expect to be delivered, be absolutely clear in asking for what you want.  If you leave it up to the Universe you will just get what you usually order, more of what you have already had – which is fine if what you have currently makes you happy, healthy and wealthy – but if not then you need to change your focus, order something new from the menu and be prepared to accept it when it arrives.

Imagine if you were in a restaurant and you had ordered your very favourite thing from the menu, and when it arrives you say ‘Oh sorry, I can’t possibly have that, I’m just not worth it – I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve it!’

You’re worth it
Place the order which you really want most of all, something that will satisfy your desires, and when it comes receive it with gratitude.

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