Evolution made easy

ImageIt seems to at last be common knowledge that the patterns held deep within the subconscious mind are responsible for habits and behaviours which can be difficult to change.  Though many agree with this, it can still be difficult to access this deep rooted information as it often lies beneath conscious awareness, and therefore beyond conscious control.

All of the audio presentations I create are channelled with this in mind and with the understanding of how to access this information and move beyond it.  In a busy world, where there is often very little time to relax and unwind, channelled audio meditations such as these can be a perfect remedy for a variety of issues and complex behaviours which could be limiting the true enjoyment and fulfilment of life.

There is nothing more you have to do than give yourself a little quiet time to listen – you are worth it after all!  Many people put their audio meditations on when they go to bed at night.  Even though you will probably fall asleep whilst listening, the subconscious mind will make effective use of all the guidance and insights given, as the subconscious is always listening.


These powerful guided meditations are written in the language of the subconscious and can facilitate deep and lasting change.  Repetition is the key, as you get into a new habit – listening to them over and over – the subconscious mind will use all the metaphor, imagery and new ideas to create a new neural net of information, inspiring lasting change, and improved health and wellbeing.

Stress, anxiety and depression cannot coexist with deep relaxation, and through regular listening these audio presentations will teach you how to be more relaxed – relaxing the mind, quieting everything down and reaching a new level of awareness deep within yourself.  This new level of awareness can show up in so many ways, as once deep relaxation occurs, real lasting change is possible – the mind shifts from being caught up in old patterns to instead being able to receive insights, clarity and understanding, as well as feeling able to let go of the old and embrace something new without fear, or resistance.

All in all, if you wish to make noticeable, incremental, evolutionary steps within consciousness, then guided meditations such as these, and the energy transmission they hold, are the key to your personal transformation at this time.  Nothing could be simpler, relax back and enjoy a few quiet moments – no effort required.

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