Bubbling Pot of Potentiality

Bubbling potI often use the analogy of a ‘bubbling pot’ when talking about our potential to create reality.

It would seem that often people spend a lot of time and energy stirring the pot, perhaps worried, concerned, efforting to get things right.

When I ask the question “Well, what’s cooking?”, often they don’t know.  I will say “So did you set out with a certain idea in mind, a recipe of what you wish to create here, a soup, a cake, a delicious main course?”  The answer invariably comes back “No, I have been too busy stirring to think about that!”

Being the head-chef in your own metaphorical kitchen of life, will help you serve up nourishing and sustainable goodness for you, and your family to enjoy.

Being a great chef takes practice, and experimentation.  A great chef will learn basic skills first and then develop them.  A chef will use intuitive knowing, as well as experience, to prepare a fantastic meal.

There will be a plan, menu or recipe to follow, a gathering of all the right equipment, preparation of ingredients, and of course, insight, experience and know-how – built over time and through continual practice.  Knowing when a dish simply doesn’t work and letting it go, putting it down to experience.

Eventually, the chef doesn’t even think about the equipment, the recipe, or the experiences they’ve had and all the know-how acquired – it’s just there to hand, and preparing great food becomes easy, automatic.

So, when creating your life, decide first what it is you would like to see served on the plate, and then ask yourself –

Do I have all the necessary equipment to hand now?
Do I have all the required skills and experience yet?
Do I have the ingredients?
Do I know what I need to do to prepare for this?

Once you are ready, and there is no hurry in completing any of these stages, just take your time, then –

Do you ‘intuitively know’ when to stir the pot, when to let it bubble, and when to admit defeat and start again from scratch?  Knowing that every small experience adds to your overall experience.

Make sure you taste what you are creating, and if it isn’t to your liking, then change it.  This is where you can experiment – ‘a little of this, a touch of that’ – let your taste buds, your senses, your intuition, guide your potential to create the most amazing feast.

Think of creating reality in the same way as learning to serve up delicious food.  Take your time to experiment with your tastes, your likes and dislikes.  As you practice observing yourself in the metaphorical kitchen of life – how are you doing?

Does it all get too hot, and intense?
Or are you endlessly stirring the pot without seeing any change?
Do you know what it’s meant to look like?
Has your sauce gone lumpy, but you’re too stubborn to start again?
Or did you forget to stir, and now the smell of the burnt pan wafts through the air?

What is the kitchen metaphor which best describes your life right now?

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