Life Upgrade – 21 Tips for a Happy New Year

When setting an intention about the direction you wish your life to go, rather than being too specific – instead consider the qualities, energies and ways of being that will support your overall personal transformation.

There may well be a brighter, better, more beautiful life opening up to you than you can possibly imagine – so rather than trying to create it by having a fixed focus, instead invite the energies of the year to help you to continue to awaken to the truth of who you really are.

It is only by knowing who you truly are, that you can create the life of your dreams.

21 Tips:

  1. Live from a heart-centred place
  2. Be authentic, be true to You
  3. Don’t believe everything you think
  4. Forgive (especially yourself!)
  5. Judge no-one (including You!)
  6. Trust all your needs will be met
  7. Give up on ‘trying and fixing’
  8. Embrace being, accepting, allowing
  9. Trust your intuition
  10. Explore, and express your natural gifts and talents
  11. Be kind, loving and generous, to others and self
  12. Let go, surrender, trust.
  13. Believe in yourself
  14. Observe, adjust and refine behaviours, attitudes, habits
  15. Be in your power, and empower others
  16. Celebrate your uniqueness
  17. Live consciously
  18. Shine your inner Light
  19. Be of service
  20. Be present
  21. Be Yourself!
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4 Responses to Life Upgrade – 21 Tips for a Happy New Year

  1. Yuri says:

    Just by reading the list opened up my body and feeling love and the energy flowing freely!
    Thanks for the list of reminder, Tracy. It’s going on my wall! Xxx

  2. Jacqui Evans (gradually changing my name) says:

    no 7, please explain give up on trying and fixing? does this mean trust in the universe.

  3. Sara Coffield says:

    I like your style! X

  4. jayne says:

    thank you for that priceless list.

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