Win a 2019 Moon Diary!

I celebrated my 50th birthday this summer, and I can hardly believe that I’ve got to this juicy age – what an exhilarating ride it’s been so far.

My affirmation continues to be –
‘The best is yet to come!’

Work has taken a back seat for a while and I’ve missed you all – especially those I often see at our events, or connect to via our broadcasts. I trust you are all well and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Enjoying the Moment

Sitting in our woodland office, looking out at the beautiful autumn colours I ponder the year which seems to have passed so quickly and how it has been for me and my family. We love to walk in the forest at this time of year, looking for mushrooms and catching falling leaves and so we’re taking time to enjoy these simple pleasures.

It has been a challenging year in many ways, more so than I’m able to share at this time. Remembering to keep things simple, enjoy the moment and relax in nature as much as possible has been what’s got me through. (Ah – back to basics yet again!)

In many ways this year has been a time of settling for us, still so much to do here at our self-built forever home but the intensity of living on a building site and the challenges that this inevitably brings are finally subsiding and we’re now able to root-in a little deeper and say yes to some of the new opportunities which present themselves.

2019 Moon Diary

I was delighted when Astrocal asked me to write for them. I have personally used their beautiful moon diaries for many years. They are always accurate, and with their stunning artwork and presentation I can see why they are so popular with professional astrologers as well as with more novice star gazers, and moon worshippers a like.

Writing the monthly New Moon meditation for 2019 has been a wonderful experience. The diaries are now in print and look stunning.

These will also be supported by a powerful monthly on-line meditation/ceremony – I hope you will sign up and join me for that and we can share the magical energies of each New Moon together.

The meditations/ceremonies are all Free, though you may wish to treat yourself to a 2019 Moon Diary to read and journey ever more deeply in tune with the moon, stars and cycles of the planets in relationship to you and your life here on Earth.

Win a 2019 Moon Diary!

In the spirit of gratitude for all the wonderful opportunities which come my way I would love to share these 2019 Moon Diaries with you – and I have 3 to give away!

If you have previously enjoyed my Life Upgrade broadcasts and would like to receive this special gift then please answer this question: (answer in the comment box below)

What has been your favourite broadcast?
And why?

I look forward to reading your responses and choosing the lucky winners!

Make sure you sign up for the monthly New Moon meditations/ceremonies throughout 2019 – link below.

With much Love and Gratitude to you all.


Sign Up for the New Moon meditations/ceremonies here: an Astrocal 2019 Diary here:
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