Rise and Shine

Yes is the Key

Our little boy is almost 3 years old already and family life brings us such joy – toddlers are great fun. Building our dream eco-home continues and we will be inviting you to join us here later this year for our first event at Magic Cottage.

Last year was amazing for Life Upgrade. All our events were full to capacity; time spent together was deeply nourishing, energetically uplifting and totally magical, taking us to some of the most sacred and special places here in the UK.

It would seem that when we say Yes to an opportunity to do something, then a magical door opens and new possibilities beckon. I’m looking forward to seeing what presents itself in 2017 – and I’ve already said Yes to it all!

Keep Getting Up

On a personal level I faced many challenges in 2016 – and so my mantra continues to be ‘just rise up’.  There have been many times in my life where I wasn’t able to rise up, where I could only stay down and I found comfort in that place – fearing that if I tried to get back up I would just be knocked down again.

Now I rise – and I just keep getting up no matter what. Last year challenged my ability to do this yet again, and has pushed me to new limits within myself.  It is not our life experiences that shape who we are, it is how we deal with each situation – how we respond really does matters. Our responses shape our reality. And I have to say that my reality is shaping up beautifully amidst the challenges.


Choosing not to be a victim set me free many years ago. Forgiveness set me free too, and gave me wings to fly and seek a deeper truth. I gave myself permission to reach out, to not look back and to explore further than I’d previously believed possible.

Each choice we make can either tether us to the limitation of our unconscious programming, or free us to expand into a greater awareness of who we really are.  I choose to venture into the unknown, no map, no destination – just a deep sense of purpose as my compass, and navigation.

2017 is a year of choice – and you will be presented with many.  The choices you make this year will evolve you, or dissolve you; and so take everything into your heart before making your decision(s).  Your heart is your compass and will guide you to emerge in resonance with All.

Fast Track Together

The evolution of humanity’s consciousness continues, and as we awaken to the unique purpose and power of our individual nature then a greater grounding of the true You of you is achieved. The best is yet to come, and the journey gets more interesting and exciting as you learn to let go and trust.  Birthing a New Earth is so much more fun when we work together as One.

If you feel ready to fast track your path of personal transformation, and be part of this global awakening then join us whenever you can, wherever you feel called, and remotely via Life Upgrade broadcasts – live, or via the replays.

Join Us

It would be lovely to see some of you in person who didn’t get to attend live events in 2016, and I know that those of you who did will be back for more!

And thank you to those of you who are unable to attend events in person, but tune in with us remotely and/or via the broadcasts.  We appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for continuing the journey of Awakening with us.

Sparkling Love

Check out some of the great events we have planned for you in 2017 – and stay tuned as there’s more to come!


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