FEWsteps – Being Really Grounded

GroundologyMany of the Life Upgrade students learned about the importance of grounding this year and have been sharing their experiences with others, and so the awareness of what it means to be really grounded is becoming more widespread.

Nourished by the Earth
As well as being barefoot when and where possible, I have been sleeping grounded for quite some time and have noticed many benefits.  I always use a grounding mat, or strap, whilst on my computer and for me personally this has made such a big difference to my sense of wellbeing.

I used to feel a little cranky, or drained, if I spent too long sitting in front of a computer, but now I am completely unaffected by EMF.  Even through the winter when it is too cold to go barefoot, and when indoors, I am grounded by using the latest technology.  This means that I am actually shielded by the Earth’s electrical mass, and this connection feels deeply nourishing.

Scientific Research Not Mumbo Jumbo
My natural curiosity and intuitive observations inspired a search for further clarification on what it really means to be grounded, to understand the benefits of our Earth connection and to see what research had been done in this field.

What I had been taught previously and what I saw energetically in people everywhere did not add up.  After a great deal of experience and observation I doubted it was really possible to ground the physical body effectively by just ‘imaging roots coming out of the soles of the feet, going into the Earth’.

Though this meditative process is widespread it not only doesn’t work for many people, it often leaves many feeling that they are somehow doing the process incorrectly, as they get little or no positive effect.

New Technology – Inspiration – Innovation
Meditative processes generally are very valuable to both mind and body, but ‘rooting’ in this way does not provide the body with an actual electrical connection to the Earth required for the benefits of grounding to be fully experienced, especially the physical benefits.

Of course imagination is the key to everything that comes into being, and so it has taken imagination, inspiration and scientific information to create this great new technology – helping us all make a quick, easy and full connection to the Earth’s field regardless of what other distracting energies are prevalent.  It is a very practical, modern solution to any number of 21st century problems.

Utilising the Power of the Mind
I remember sometime ago someone told me they had spent a lot of time trying to use the power of their mind to straighten their curly hair.  They were dissatisfied with how their hair was naturally and believed that if they focused their mind enough, and changed enough beliefs and perceptions then in time their hair would eventually become straight.  Perhaps that’s possible, I really don’t know – what I do know however is that someone else used the power of their mind, imagination and intelligence and they invented hair straighteners.

Upgrade to a New Grounding Experience
I am so pleased that a greater awareness of what it really means to be grounded is here, along with the scientific research and the actual technology to make it possible, now.

You can read the research here, get your own personal grounding kit and start feeling the benefits of being really grounded!

Grounding Technology


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