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Summer is Buzzing!

I trust you are enjoying the summer as much as we are.  I love this time of year, our garden is buzzing with life, and full of scrumptious things to eat.

We have had freshly picked strawberries everyday for breakfast, either in smoothies or with musili, or just on their own.  The first raspberry was picked this morning, and blueberries are still to come – it is very berry’tastic here at Magic Cottage.

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I absolutely love watching the ease with which people have changed using Life Upgrade.  We are halfway through the year already and it has been a phenomenal time so far.  Simply being present is the key, but it can be difficult to be present when there is all that background noise going on.

The background noise consists of so much out of date information, memories from the past playing as if they are still relevant to the present moment, both your own memories and those held as part of the collective consciousness.  It can be both the voice of your inner critic, as well as the voices echoing from the depths of your family history.

Monkey ChatterI have always called this stuff ‘monkey chatter’.

It can be a constant distraction to many, and often tries to take over your life, pretending to know what’s best – thinking it’s some kind of authority, or guide.

Often the language it uses can feel overbearing, judgemental, criticising.

At other times it can seem damn right rude, it can insult you and tell you you will never make anything of yourself.  It is the inner voice that says you’re too thin, or too fat, or purple & black. Continue reading

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Manifesting Future Health

I am just off for a weekend retreat, to celebrate my birthday.

I thought I would celebrate by thanking my body for all it does, and for the amount of time it’s been working so hard for me! 

I can honestly say that I am healthy, happier and more vibrant now than when in my 20s.  I have just set myself a new target and am manifesting that I feel healthier in my 60s than in my 40s – I will let you know how I get on, or perhaps you could join me with a similar target of your own?

Set your target, your intention today, and take action to make it happen.

So, this weekend, I am looking forward to unwinding completely at a yoga and raw food retreat.  Kate Magic, of Raw Living, will be inspiring the group on how to have more energy, and stay feeling healthy and happy through eating live/raw foods, and practising yoga.  I will let you know what I discover, and I look forward to sharing more tips to feeling great, and buzzing with health & happiness. 

Small changes make a big difference.
What change will you make today?

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The birth of something new.

The Life Upgrade Expanded course took everyone, including myself, on an incredible journey into presence, being and allowing.  There were so many opportunity to experience what this really means, way beyond language, words, and way beyond anything I had ever seen or experienced before – all those attending were magnificent.

Grand squareWe were fortunate that the Saturday of the course coincided with a massive astrological event which has been building for some time, and which we will all continue to feel the benefits of into 2020 and beyond.  And so we allowed the energies of the cardinal cross, or grand square to be our guide.  As with all things in life, when one can truly open up to the opportunities which present themselves in each moment, then great expansion of mind and spirit takes place.  Being present creates the space through which new ideas, inspiration and true knowledge can be birthed. Continue reading

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Happy Words Expressed

I was touched to receive this in an email from Angela C. after the Expanded course:

"These were 3 of my happiest days of my life to be with like minded people and to discover that my gifts are easier to access than I thought.  Fear and support was the only thing stopping me.  Once I got rid of fear and had the support of Tracy and of course all my new friends on the course I had a massive breakthrough, no going back for me now.

"I cannot express the happiness in my heart that is overflowing … I know now that I will make a difference in peoples lives by just being myself.  How good and easy is that!"

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